We are not born mentally tough but everyone can learn how. I am devoted to teaching individuals and teams peak performance strategies and techniques. Mentally tough individuals are resilient; know how to overcome barriers; know how to control focus, stress and anxiety; know how to be consistent performers regardless of circumstances; and find ways to do the right things at the right times. These are the keys not only to experience peak performances but also enjoy sports more!


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I’m Dean Hebert. Everyone calls me Coach Dean. I’m a mental game coach, author and speaker. I work with individual athletes, parents, coaches, and teams on sports performance enhancement. Beyond my academic post-graduate work in sports psychology - the psychology behind athlete performance – I am a certified Mental Games Coaching Professional (MGCP), nationally certified running coach and certified hypnotherapist.



  • One-on-one mental game coaching
  • Virtual coaching via Skype/phone
  • Unlimited email & phone support
  • Team coaching, parent and coach support
  • Mental game training programs tailored to athlete, team and coach needs
  • Comprehensive mental game assessment & game plan
  • Read the account of Michelle Hamilton's mental game journey in the May 2013 issue of Runners World magazine - "Beyond the Mantra" pp. 76-80.
  • Follow one of Coach Dean's elite marathoners: Anna Weber

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